Vehicle Services

Contact Us Our team at Above and Beyond undestands the transportation needs that you have at your home in Park City. Allow us to care for your vehicle while you are away, and set up any transportation needs you have while you are here.

"Outstanding and personalized services"

"Some of the more outstanding and personalized services Above and Beyond has provided are as follows:
  • Returned a leased vehicle to the dealership
  • Picked up and delivered a newly purchased vehicle"

Vacation Home Vehicle Services While You Are Here

If you need transportation to or from the airport, we will handle all arrangements. If you have a car at your home in Park City, we will make sure the car is at the airport for your arrival, and pick it up from the airport after you leave. In addition to returning leased vehicles or picking up newly purchased vehicles, Above and Beyond will also locate vehicles and purchase them for you, or assist you in renting vehicles. We are committed to doing anything that will help your stay be as comfortable and carefree as possible.

Vacation Home Vehicle Services While You Are Away

Many clients have a vehicle that they leave in Park City while they are gone. We go Above and Beyond to make sure your vehicle is in top condition when you return, clean and full of fuel. To make sure that your car stays running, we can drive it periodically while you are away. This will keep the car, its battery, and its tires healthy. Everyone's comfort zone is different - you can decide if and how often you want your car driven. We also take care of regular vehicle cleaning, maintenance and annual registration responsibilities as needed.

$60/hr plus costs incurred